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Chen won't take his medicine so EXO-M need Suho's help.

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“Kim Jongdae, why won’t you just make everyone’s life easier and take your medicine?” Suho groans, fed up with the sick boy’s tantrums. He’s still holding onto the spoon containing the sticky, sweet substance that’s supposed to make Jongdae feel better, while trying not to let any contents spill over the edge.

Jongdae yells another “You’re stupid!” and he’s ducked his head under the comforter again.

Suho doesn’t understand why he had to be disturbed during his well-deserved nap to come and deal with this brat. All the members of EXO-M had tried feeding Jongdae the medicine, even angry, scary-eyebrows leader Kris, but they all failed in what one would think a simple mission. Admitting sorry defeat, Kris ended up calling Suho over because that’s all Jongdae would talk about, Suho this, Suho that, Suho everything.

But even Suho’s presence isn’t enough to make the boy cooperate, and he’s been called stupid at least five times before this one, along with some other more unpleasant insults. Maybe he’s done something wrong, but how could he have done something wrong when he came here specifically to help?

“I’m fine with being stupid as long as you take your medicine,” Suho cries out in exasperation, having been desperate for well over ten minutes. It’s never occurred to him that his arm could become so sore from holding a mere soup spoon.

No response.

Suho sighs, but his eyes light up when he thinks of a way that just might make Jongdae take his medicine willingly. “Jongdaeeeeee,” he sings.

There is subtle movement in the sheets, and Suho knows the younger’s been affected by his teasing voice. “Jongdae, if you take your medicine, you’ll get better soon, and then hyung will be able to give you a hundred kisses, okay?”

Jongdae’s head is out of the blankets faster than a bullet, making Suho laugh. So it was this easy? “You ready for your medicine now?”

Jongdae nods his head furiously, and swallows the whole spoonful of medicine without even making a gagging face, as he usually would when being forced to doing something he hated.

“Good boy,” Suho praises him, but the boy is back to being a rude teenager and covers his face with the blanket. “Well, I’m leaving now, okay?”

He’s already cleaned the spoon and put away the bottle of medicine in the cabinets when he hears a soft whine coming from Jongdae’s room. Returning to the doorway, he asks, “Did you need something?”

“Stay with me for another thirty minutes,” Jongdae’s pulled the comforter down so that it only covers up to his nose. His eyes are well in view, and the stare coming from them is wistful as he makes his quiet request.

Suho can’t help giving in to the younger. “Alright, but you have to be nice to me, okay?”

He receives a less vigorous nod this time, but it’s an agreement nonetheless.


“What magic spell did you put on Jongdae?” Kris asks Suho jokingly when they’re backstage after finishing a dance rehearsal. “He’s been suspiciously cooperative. He doesn’t fight at all if we try to feed him medicine, and yesterday, he was even willing to take it on his own. His cold has gotten a lot better thanks to your influence.”

“Really? That’s good to hear. I promised him a reward,” Suho chuckles. “Though I’m not sure how long it may take to give him…”

“What is the–” Kris is interrupted before he can ask what the reward is by Jongdae flocking to the two of them.

He turns to Suho, and says, “Hyung, I’m all better now so where are my hundred kisses?!”

Suho covers his face, not sure whether to be angry that Jongdae is so loud or embarrassed that Kris had to hear him. “Jongdae, please.”

Kris snorts. “So that’s what the reward was.”

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